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CDC Corner with the TB Program

October 25, 2018

1300- 1400


This CDC quarterly session will be hosted by the FNIHB TB Program (Andrea Warman, the TB Coordinator and Deana Nahachewsky, the TB Screening and Education Nurse). Most of the hour will be open discussion time for nurses to talk to and/or ask questions of Deana and Andrea and/or fellow nurses on the call.

Andrea and Deana will use a small portion at the beginning of the hour to talk about/review:

1) New homecare referral form,

2) Updated TB medical condition screening algorithms,

3) Review a new LTBI medication start checklist.

The rest of the time the floor will be open to discuss anything nurses want that is TB related. Please join us!

TARGET AUDIENCE: Quarterly CDC Corner for CHNs.


Health Canada: RSV Prophlaxis Clinic Workshop

November 1, 2018 


About This Session

This information session is for clinics that have or may have Qualified children/infants in the RSV Prevention Program. The session will review information on what is RSV, who does it impact, and prevention of an RSV infection. It will cover who Qualifies for the RSV Prevention Program, as well as the receiving, documentation, storing and giving of Synagis.


  1. Prevention of RSV
  2. Who Qualifies for the RSV Prevention Program
  3. How to receive/store/give/document Synagis

PRESENTED BY: Gail Porter-Lai , Alberta Health Services RSV Prevention Program Nurse Coordinator for Northern Alberta



New Recordings

Pheonix Training Session for Nurses

To View Recording: CLICK HERE

Getting your Community Engaged in Healthy Eating!

The Alberta Nutrition Advisory Team at the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch will be presenting two nutrition resources for community-based workers: 1.) The Grocery Store Tour Manual – a guide to running a grocery store tour in your community 2.) The Food Demo Manual – a guide to running a healthy food sampling event in your community These resources will help you teach people in your community to shop for available and affordable healthy foods, as well as how to make some easy and delicious healthy recipes. They help make the healthy choice the easy choice! If you don’t have a grocery store available to you, this training includes some ideas about other ways that you can use these resources

To View Recording: CLICK HERE

Trauma Information Series: Trauma, Impact on the Individual and Family System

The Final Installment of the Trauma Information Series that covers how Trauma effects the individual and the families both internally and externally.

To View Recording: CLICK HERE


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