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New Series Announcments!  

Welcome to the new year! We are very pleased to start this year off by introducing two brand new education series. January will see the start of both series. We are happy to launch the Diabetes 101 series on January 23 and the Harm Reduction series on January 29. Make sure to subscribe to our website to receive all electroinc communications for the upcoming series. See below for futher information on both sessions. 

Diabetes 101 Series  

Please join us in a new ISC-FNIHB opportunity to learn more about diabetes. The Diabetes 101 series will focus on giving people       culturally relevant information about the types of diabetes, the  impact of historical trauma, ideas for prevention and management and how to work together with people living with diabetes. This series will consist of 10, one-hour sessions.

Please join us on January 23 (13:30 - 14:30) for our first session, What is Diabetes? This first session looks at the big picture of diabetes. Participants will learn basic informaiton about diabetes and its complications. CLICK HERE to register or to find out more information visit the session located on the calendar section of this website. 


Harm Reduction Series

This series will introduce participants to the fundaments of harm reduction, like never before! We will discuss hadm reduction as a culutre, its principles, practicies and services. This series will give participants a feeling of confidence in advocating for harm reduction approaches and implementing harm reduction techniques within your areas of work. 

Join us on January 29 (1400- 1500) for our first session, Introduction to Harm Reduction. This session will review evidence-based benefirs of harm reduction interventtions and provide attendees with knowldege of underlying reasosn for substance use. CLICK HERE to register for this session or visit the session on our calendar for further information. 



    Page Development 

Our website is currently undergoing some back end server development. Currently, the training tab and Nutrition Series page is unavailable. If you would like to view the training videos, please contact our offices at vchelp@fntn.ca. Our administration team can send you a copy of the training videos. 

To access any information in the nutrition page, visit the LIBRARY tab on the top of the page. From here you can select nutriton as the topic. This will pull up all related nutrition videos and handouts. 

The Siksika Youth Treatment Centre and Fox Lake Emergency Cart are currently offline. If there are any questions please contact our offices at vchelp@fntn.ca  



New Recordings

Methamphetamine Awareness 2018

This webinar will explore Methamphetamine (Meth) with effort to identify it, understand how it works and how it can be harmful.  
 What is Methamphetamine       
What is its history        
How does it affect the body         
What does an overdose look like 
What harm reduction supplies can be found with meth use (what are they for and how do they work) 

To View Recording: CLICK HERE

Project ECHO: Using Telemedicine to Treat Hepatitis C

The First Nations Telehealth Network will be joined by Dr. Lee to discuss ECHO and Hepatitis C within indigenous communities.

1. Understand the natural history of hepatitis C, especially in Indigenous people.

2. Define new oral therapies for HCV.

3. Understand how Indigenous HCV patients can access new therapies by telemedicine.

To View Recording: CLICK HERE

Historical Trauma Session 5

We welcome back Tom Snow to continue his knowledge sharing the chronology of Canadian history that led up to the Residential School and 60’s scoop and cause intergenerational trauma that still impacts lives today. This session will conclude the Historical Trauma Series and will pick up from the last session and examine the 1970’s to present day.

To View Recording: CLICK HERE

Health Canada RSV Prophylaxis Clinic Workshop 2018

This information session is for clinics that have or may have Qualified children/infants in the RSV Prevention Program. The session will review information on what is RSV, who does it impact, and prevention of an RSV infection. It will cover who Qualifies for the RSV Prevention Program, as well as the receiving, documentation, storing and giving of Synagis.


  1. Prevention of RSV

  2. Who Qualifies for the RSV Prevention Program

  3. How to receive/store/give/document Synagis

To View Recording: CLICK HERE

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