Today's Sessions and Registration Deadline

Today's Sessions
VC TypeSession TitleSchedule
Education SessionPhoenix Training Session for Nurses (18)Sep 19, 2018 08:30 ~ 12:30

Today's Registration Deadline
VC TypeSession TitleScheduleReg DeadLine
Education SessionInfluenza Program Summary 2018-19 (25)Sep 20, 2018 10:00 ~ 12:00Sep 19, 2018 23:59


Videoconferencing In Canada Place (Edmonton)

The following rooms within Canada Place are connected to the First Nations Telehealth Network:

  • 7-010
  • 7-025 
  • 7-028
  • 7-029
  • 7-039

Any room listed above can be connected to any First Nation within Alberta; it can also connect to any videoconference session offered on the First Nations Telehealth Network. If any room not listed above has a piece of videoconference equipment, then it is connected to the Corporate Health Canada Network. 

Unavailable Sites

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New Recordings

Getting your Community Engaged in Healthy Eating!

The Alberta Nutrition Advisory Team at the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch will be presenting two nutrition resources for community-based workers: 1.) The Grocery Store Tour Manual – a guide to running a grocery store tour in your community 2.) The Food Demo Manual – a guide to running a healthy food sampling event in your community These resources will help you teach people in your community to shop for available and affordable healthy foods, as well as how to make some easy and delicious healthy recipes. They help make the healthy choice the easy choice! If you don’t have a grocery store available to you, this training includes some ideas about other ways that you can use these resources

To View Recording: CLICK HERE

Trauma Information Series: Trauma, Impact on the Individual and Family System

The Final Installment of the Trauma Information Series that covers how Trauma effects the individual and the families both internally and externally.

To View Recording: CLICK HERE


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