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Harm Reduction Series: Collaborating with the Harm Reduction Services Team

July 22, 2019 (Monday) - 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Join us for the ninth session in the Harm Reduction Series. The First Nations Telehealth Network has welcomed the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Harm Reduction Services Team (HRST) to discuss opportunities for collaboration to support harm reduction in your community. The HRST will highlight who they are, how/why the team was created, what they hope to accomplish, and what the HRST can offer you. Information will also shared on how to get the most out of the Community Based Naloxone Program and answer any questions you may have about it.

The idea is for this session to be as interactive as possible. All participants are encouraged to come with questions and offer opinions throughout. This session is meant to offer opportunities for collaboration with communities and Alberta Health Services.

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CRA Disability Tax Credit Information Session

July 30, 2019 (Tuesday) - 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Participants will have a better understanding of what the Disability Tax Credit is, the eligibility criteria, how to apply for it, and where to find resources.

The goal is to make sure that Canadians are aware of what benefits and credits they are entitled to receive, and what they need to do to receive those benefits and credits.

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Upcoming Education Ideas  

All education offered on the network is coordinated by the First Nations Telehealth Network and presented by various community organizations. As always, we try to organize education that is the most impactful and meaningful for communities. Do you have any ideas for an education session? Do you think a certain topic needs updated information?  Your suggestion are always appreciated, and they help our team to address important education needs.

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New Recordings

  • Health Link 811

    In this session, you will have an introduction to 811 Health Link, the AHS provincial telephone registered nurse triage and health information line

  • Poundmakers Healing Lodge Series - Exploring Therapeutic Approaches to Addictive Behaviors

    Introduction to intersects of Indigenous and Western therapeutic approaches

    · We are the medicine – in-depth conversation on Two Spirit (2Slgbtq) identity, history, and cultural relevance  

  • Diabetes 101 Series: Diabetes in Youth

    The ninth and final session of Diabetes 101 Series looks at both type 1 and type 2 diabetes in youth.


  • Harm Reduction Series: Alberta's Virtual Opioid Dependency Program

    This videoconference session will provide an overview of the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Virtual Opioid Dependency Program (VODP).

    VODP is a telehealth-based program that support rapid access to care and transition supports for clients who need opioid adduction treatment with Dr. Nathaniel Day.

  • Harm Reduction Series: The Road In-Between: Harm Reduction Strategies for First Nations

    This videoconference session will discuss how responses to substance use have historically focused on abstinence only approaches in many Indigenous communities.

  • Harm Reduction Series: Blood Tribe Addictions Framework- Building on Rich Stories and Deep Wisdom

    The Blood Tribe Addiction Framework, Kattakinoona Awaahkapiiyaawa – Bringing the Spirits Home, was developed in collaboration between the Blood Tribe Department of Health, the Blood Tribe Chief & Council and Alberta Health Services in response to the on-going impacts and effects of the opioid crisis.

  • Diabetes 101 Series: Diabetes in Pregnancy

    The eighth session of Diabetes 101 looks at diabetes in a special population – pregnant women

  • Harm Reduction Series: Safeworks Supervised Consumption Services

    This video talks about safeworks harm reduction program, principles, update on drug trend and emerging issues, and supervised consumption.


  • Diabetes 101 Series: Management - Medication 101

    The seventh session of Diabetes 101 takes a look at diabetes medications – what they are and how they work.

  • Free Roaming Dogs and Waste Management: Garbage, why free roaming dogs love to hate it!

    Living with free roaming animals is common in many First Nation communities. Understanding animal behavior regarding waste management is critical to the health of humans and animals. This session will discuss how wise practices of management can improve the human, animal and environmental health of a community.

  • Diabetes 101 Series: Meaningful Conversations

    The sixth session of Diabetes 101 explores how to talk with people living with diabetes and help them to live well

  • Vaping Information and Health Trends

    The presentation will feature information on the fast-growing trend of vaping, including its relationship with commercial tobacco. We will also cover cannabis, commercial tobacco and other tobacco-like products. Most of the focus will be on youth, but other populations will be discussed, including pregnant women.


Unavailable Sites

The following sites are currently unavailable. If there are any questions please contact our offices at vchelp@fntn.ca  
  • Siksika Youth Treatment Centre
  • Saddle Lake Boardroom 
  • Bushe River Four Chiefs Complex



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