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Join us on May 10 to discuss updated information on the current opioid crisis in Alberta. This session will provide users with newer information on the impacts of Fentanyl within First Nations in Alberta.  This update will include changes about the naloxone programs available to communities.

This session will include:

1. Increase understanding of the impact of the opioid crisis on reserve in Alberta

2. Review how opioid overdose prevention is being supported through Alberta Health Services Community Based Naloxone Program

3. Discuss common questions related to overdose prevention, including the role of Intranasal Naloxone



· Dr. Chris Sarin, Deputy MOH and Opioid response lead for FNIHB Alberta

· Amy Woroniuk, Director, Harm Reduction, Communicable Disease Control, Population, Public, and Indigenous Health Alberta Health Services

· Jacqueline Ming, Regional Pharmacist, FNIHB AB


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