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Privacy impact assessments (PIAs) are an internationally recognized due diligence exercise used to identify and mitigate privacy risks in a given initiative. This session will summarize the steps of PIAs. In Alberta, PIAs are required under the Health Information Act, and are often prepared by private and public sector entities.


Presenter: Chris Stinner
Chris Stinner is a Senior Information and Privacy Manager with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta. As a member of the Compliance and Special Investigations team, he does work in relation to any of the three pieces of access and privacy legislation in Alberta. This includes reviewing privacy impact assessments, investigating privacy breaches, contributing to special projects, and conducting investigations initiated by the Commissioner. Prior to working with the OIPC, Chris has spent a number of years working as a privacy advisor in the health sector, working with physician practices and hospitals to help them comply with information and privacy legislation.


The intent of this session is to provide participants with general information to help them understand access and privacy legislation, but should not be considered to be legal advice.

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