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The Harm Reduction Series helps provide First Nation communities, and partners, with information on effective strategies to reduce the impact of substance use. This series is supported through a partnership between the First Nations Telehealth Network, Indigenous Services Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, and Alberta Health Services.

The Harm Reduction Series currently consists of eight completed sessions. These sessions provide participants with culturally appropriate harm reduction techniques as well as information on reducing problematic substance use. All sessions have been recorded and are available on the Harm Reduction Series page. The series is set to conclude in fall of 2019 Do not forget to subscribe to the First Nations Telehealth Network Portal to receive all the update information on upcoming sessions in the series.

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Video Conference Series Gallery

  • Harm Reduction Series

    On April 3, 2019, learn about how the current drug-poisoning epidemic affects individuals, families, and communities in Alberta and what the best evidence shows about treating opioid addiction. We will also explore successful ways of providing treatment access right in First Nations communities.


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  • Trauma Information Series

    The First Nations Telehealth Network is proud to partner with Little Warriors. Little Warriors is a national, charitable organization based in Canada committed to the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. Through this new partnership, we are proud to present a new Telehealth Learning Series titled, Trauma Information.


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  • Diabetes 101

    The Diabetes 101 series will focus on giving people culturally relevant information about the types of diabetes, the impact of historical trauma, ideas for prevention and management and how to work together with people living with diabetes. This series will consist of 10, one-hour sessions.


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  • Privacy Information Series

    Chris Stinner is a Senior Information and Privacy Manager with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta. As a member of the Compliance and Special Investigations team, he does work in relation to any of the three pieces of access and privacy legislation in Alberta. 

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  • Fentanyl Information Series

    The purpose of the Fentanyl Information Series is to provide up to date information to First Nations on how best to respond to the issue of Fentanyl and other Opioids On Reserve.

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  • Nutrition Training

    Alberta’s Nutrition Advisory Team offers free training and information sessions via videoconference on a regular basis. 

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  • Aboriginal Learning Program

    FNIHB Telehealth in partnership with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development of Canada and the Technincal Services Advisory Group, among other stakeholders, is pleased to introduce the Aboriginal Learning Program.

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  • The Four Elements

    The First Nations Telehealth Network is pleased to present the annual First Nations Telehealth Speaker Series. This year the speaker series will look to dive into the four elements (earth, water, fire and air) to see how they relate to First Nations in Alberta.

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